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Elise Napier

Hi there! I’m Elise Napier and I am a professional voice actor living in Los Angeles.

I graduated from USC with a major in Psychology and minors in Neuroscience and Theatre. After college graduation, I moved into a one-bedroom apartment with a 50-year-old Argentinian man from Craigslist, to pursue my dream of acting in LA. However, I learned very quickly my anxiously punctual personality doesn’t mesh well with the on-camera lifestyle, but luckily, I found voiceover!

With voice acting, one gets to pretend in the extremes of life through fictional storytelling. I foster emotions for characters that I, Elise, don’t personally want to experience, but cathartically need to release in some way. Embodying a wide range of emotions through different characters keeps me as sane as possible, as insane as that sentence sounds. For me, voiceover is the freest form of acting. And I love what I do!

I am very excited to be working on social media and marketing for GVAA! Through expanding our social media presence, GVAA is determined to strengthen our community and provide awareness of our services. If you have any further questions, please email me at elise.gvaa@gmail.com. Thank you!