Bailey Properties (Male & Female)

Bailey Properties is the leading real estate company in Santa Cruz
County, California.

Our company is dedicated to a high quality of professional service for
their clients, and to the success of their agents.

Our three offices facilitate the marketing and sales of all types and prices of real
estate. They provide a full range of residential sales, property management and
vacation rental services.

So – If you are: Buying – Selling – Renting – Leasing – Investing – Vacationing –
or Planning for the future in Santa Cruz County, contact Bailey Properties.

…we are moments away from speaking with you.

Our Vision Statement

Robert J. Bailey, co-broker and co-owner of Bailey Properties Inc. has been a member of the
Santa Cruz Association of Realtors since 1975. As the Designated Broker of Bailey Properties
Inc. Robert’s enthusiasm for recruiting and maintaining the best team of agents in the region is

…Robert Bailey. (Cheryl – I want you to introduce him and his quotes below)

(Robert Bailey below…)

”Bailey Properties Inc. will be the market share leader in Santa Cruz County.”

”Our Leadership will be the result of attracting, developing, and supporting the
best team of real estate professionals and staff in the county.”

”Our team of agents and staff will be known for being the most dedicated to true
professional service in helping people achieve their real estate goals.”

”Our agents’ and staffs’ commitment to this vision will result in their own personal
success and our success as a company.”

”We are a company proud to be known for the people we keep and the services
we provide.” (R Bailey quote end.)

As Santa Cruz County has continued to grow over the past 27 years, so has
Bailey Properties Inc. The family owned and operated real estate company,
which opened its doors in 1974, initially began in the Bailey family home on
Clubhouse Drive in Aptos. After a few years, it expanded to a small office in the
Redwood Village. There, the three family members worked side-by-side to
develop one of the most successful real estate companies in Santa Cruz County.
Now Bailey Properties has expanded to three real estate offices, two sales
offices and one property management and vacation rental office. The firm now
includes over 90 qualified agents and 17 support staff, who serve clients
throughout the entire region.

…We know your time is valuable – We are completing a conversation with a
client ahead of you. You’ll have our full attention in just a moment.

(or) Giving our time to a call ahead of yours – is our obligation to service. We
will give you the attention you deserve in just a moment.

(Two additional lines)

Thank you for calling today.
We’ll be back to the phone in just a moment.


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