BMI Infrastructure (Male & Female)

What if you could enhance your infrastructure to be just as dynamic as today’s business climate, and respond to changes swiftly and effectively without missing a beat?

Now you can.


Thank you for joining us at the BMI Infrastructure Worldwide Forum.

Today, you will learn how a BMI Infrastructure can help you dramatically improve service, reduce cost and manage risk.

Please join us on a quick tour of our agenda and the Forum venue.

Here at the BMI Infrastructure Worldwide Forum venue, you’ll be able to attend exciting general sessions, join technical chats, engage one on one with our experts, and access a rich portfolio of information about Infrastructure from BMI and BMI Technology Partners.

At the general sessions, learn about transforming today’s IT infrastructure… …the emerging role of cloud computing in enterprise infrastructure… …and find out how to build an energy-efficient dynamic infrastructure… … and be sure to hear our keynote session on global outlooks and the challenge of change.

Select the General Session link in the IBM exhibit to access these sessions.

Click on Contact an Expert to connect directly with an IBM expert, or participate in a Chat.

Access, search and bookmark content via the links to the topics on the right hand side of the booth. And save webcasts, demos, whitepapers and presentations to your Briefcase, for later viewing.

And last, click on My Profile to build your profile, upload a picture or choose an Avatar.


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