Cingular spot (Teen Girl)

When I asked my dad if I could get a fancy cell phone like his this school year, he politely smiled and said, “Uh, do you have a job?”
Ok, no 9 to 5, but what I do have is a PLAN to go back to school in style with a cool cell of my own, with the new Cingular Prepaid Service. You see, Cingular Prepaid isn’t like any other prepaid service out there. For starters, you can actually get a cool looking phone that won’t get you laughed at with loads of great features. Plus, I like it because it allows you to pay as you go and that’s something my monthly allowance can handle.
Now, about my plan, here it goes… (whining) Daddy, don’t you think it’s time you raised my allowance. He’s a sucker for whining.


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