The father of DJ, Death is a calm and cool character. One needs to be when you have his job. He takes, or reaps, the souls of those whose time has come, and keeps a balance and order to life and death respectively. He lives in suburbia with his wife and son in a Leave it to Beaver kind of setting.

Physical Description:
He’s Death, black robe, huge hood, skeleton. Often carries a “Worlds Greatest Dad” coffee cup, printed in big black letters, or a scythe. Secretly likes carrying the coffee cup more. Death can keep his kewl in any situation and isn’t surprised by much, so it takes a lot to get him to raise his voice. He’s not mono-tone or boring though.


Sounds Like:
· James Earl Jones
· Deep reverb
· 50’s super dad in Leave it to Beaver suburbia
· Think “Hey tiger!”
· Christopher Walken

Audition Lines:
Inflection: Dishing out punishment in a way too nice way, leave it to beaver nice dad way.
Quote: “You got that right, kiddo. You’re grounded for a month. No PSP.”

Inflection: Reasoning with kid.
Quote: “Fine. Two weeks… but don’t tell your mother.”

Inflection: Parent asking a question, demanding and firm, but also calm.
Quote: “DJ, what have you been up to?”

Inflection: Questioning why he can’t stop
something he normally can or
should. Confused.
Quote: “How could this happen?”

Inflection: Informing Statement in a stressful situatio,
remaining calm can collected.
Quote: “These people are not meant to die here.”

Inflection: Mildly annoyed
Quote: “I’m ON BREAK.”


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