Doug (Cartoon – Boy & Girl)


DOUG NARRATING:  Dear Journal, it’s me Doug Funnie. I’ve lived at 21 Jumbo Street for the last year and a half and I’ve seen a lot of weird things. But what happened last week was probably the weirdest. I guess it all started right before Valentines Day. That means at school people have just one thing on their mind.

DOUG NARRATING: There’s only been one Valentine for me. One person who I’ve shared my happiest moments with. And a couple not so happy ones. We’ve gone through the same hard-ships.
(a daydream begins, Doug and Patti are planning the dance with figures like you would for war)

DOUG: Right, pay close attention Miss. Mayonnaise. We mass the streamers over here. Flank with the punch bowl maneuver the record player into position and we hit ‘em right in the middle with a big heart shaped mirror ball. Bang!

PATTI: Oh Doug, you’re so “dance plannery”.

DOUG: (clears throat) Indeed. Still it’s not quite there. We need something- a theme!

PATTI: How about something simple like “true love”.

DOUG: (gulp) True l-l-love?

PATTI: True love! You know, when two people love each other…truly!

DOUG: Oh that true love! (nervous laugh)
(daydream ends)

DOUG: I know two people perfect for the job Beebe!
(cuts to show Doug and Patti sitting at a table)

PATTI: Do you really think I’d be good at organizing a dance? I’ve never done anything like that.

DOUG: I think you’d be great at whatever you wanted to do Patti. I think if you worked on this dance, it would be the best dance ever!


DOUG: This is going to make working on the school paper seem like working on the school paper!

SKEETER: I don’t know if we can actually catch him man, I mean after all it’s a monster. Let’s just get our bikes before it gets dark.

DOUG: Where are they? They were right here?

SKEETER: (looking down) Bike tracks!

DOUG: Oh yeah, right next to the b-b-big webbed footprint.

(at Skeeter’s house)

SKEETER: Do you think the monster actually ate our bikes man?

DOUG: Well, I don’t think he’s riding them around the bottom of the lake.

SKEETER: Um, maybe we could use Dale’s tricycle for bait. The monster will think it’s a snack.

DOUG: I don’t know man, I mean what if he doesn’t stop at metal, what’s to keep him from eating us? (phone rings, Skeeter coughs and chokes on the milk he is drinking)

SKEETER: Can you get that? I think I got milk up my nose.


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