Dr. James Sayrus

Age: Late 70’s –disappeared in his mid 40’s
Occupation: Physicist

Dr. Sayrus was a brilliant though controversial physicist, born to wealthy parents in Greece but educated in the States; attended MIT in the 60’s, worked on several black projects for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research and Prototyping Agency) and JPL during the 70’s, then eventually settled at Stanford as a physics professor. Although highly respected in his early career, his theory of “temporal vortexes” made him, at best, an eccentric, a madman at worst.




Professor? Gilligan?

From out of one of the huts emerges an old man with long,straggly white hair and a rough beard, his skin tanned a dark brown, clothes stitched together and repaired countless times. He speaks in a vaguely Greek accent.

Sorry, I think you have the wrong
castaways. You are Mr. Dylan, I

(shaking hands)
At your service. And you are?

Dr. James Sayrus. My humblest
apologies for dragging you into
this, but I think for the sake of human civilization, it was a fortunate accident.

Dylan looks at the man suspiciously, takes a couple steps back.

Dr. Sayrus? Dr. JAMES Sayrus?
That’s impossible…

Agreed. Just as living dinosaurs
are impossible, time vortexes,lost WWII bombers, Civil War shipwrecks—

Yeah, yeah, okay, I get the point.
Where’s Rock? He said he was here?

He went out looking for you… and
my daughter. I don’t suppose you’ve seen her–?
Dylan shakes his head no. The disappointment is plain on the Doctor’s face.

I… I’m pretty sure I saw her
chute deploy before we fell into
the… you know—

Dylan twirls his fingers like a cyclone, makes sound effects with his mouth, mimicking the time vortex.

Yes. The temporal vortex. It was the same for me and my crew, God rest their souls. Those that didn’t perish in the storm were
taken, one by one, by the beasts out there. The few of us that made it here alive all died trying to retrieve the TVE…12.


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