Dr. Taylor (male)

Male, 45 years old

Max’s father. A leader in the field of paleontology, with countless rare finds to his credit. He spent most of his younger years digging in the dirt for fossils, but now he enjoys nothing more than listening to Max and Rex talk excitedly about dinosaurs.
A calm, robust voice that conveys warmth, kindness, and wisdom.


1. “Ha ha ha! Watch out! It’s dinosaur power!” (with strength and energy)
2. “Okay, you just lost. Remember what they’ll try to do next!” (advice; encouraging)
3. “Something’s wrong! They’re changing their attack to match yours! ” (advice; warning)
4. “Hurray!” (jubilant, after winning a round)
5. “Shoot! (chagrined, after losing a round)
6. “Take this! Critical move!” (full of energy, attacking enemy)
7. “Haha! Let’s see how you do against me!” (stepping up to fight an enemy)


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