Egan Game Script (male)

– Hey, Caldwell. Sorry, we had to interrupt your personal life to ask you to do your job.
– Sam, is your helmet secure?
– You seen that vidlog of the Marker that’s going round? It’s freaky. Looks just like the one back on Earth.
– Whoa. It’s huge.
– Damn, my ears are ringing.
– 16… Which one’s that?
– The hell was that?
– There should be a box of glow worms inside the airlock Storage Chamber. We can use them.
– Wait! Take it steady, we don’t know what’s going on in there.
– What the fuck…?
– Zochenko! For god’s sake, stop!
– They’ve all gone fucking crazy! (sickens)
– Sam, get that Rock Saw. We may need it… Jesus Christ, we just killed someone.
– I knew it. We shouldn’t have come this way!
– Coming through!
– Just hurry, dammit.
– It’s coming, man… It’s calling us…
– It – it’s death, man… Can’t you see it? It needs our help…
– But Zochenko… We killed him!
– Look out! There’s more!
– We should take that Plasma Cutter, too. Listen to us… This is all wrong…
– Shit – no! Dammit, my Rivet Gun!
– Needs us… needs us to… to make it whole…
– You don’t understand… it’s not right! We have to end it!
– You can’t stop it! You can’t fight it!
– Come on, Sam, push the button already.
– Feeling pretty trigger-happy today, aren’t you?
– The man sure does like his toys. Are you over-compensating for something, by any chance?
– Guess all that target practice paid off, huh?
– Nope, that’s not gonna do it. Line it up again, Sam.
– We’re on it, boss. Just… give us some time.
– I was just trying to help… it needs our help, Sam…
– Why did you kill me? I’m not a monster.


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