The 15 Points of Automotive with Cliff Zellman

VO for automotive is hotter than ever! Women are everywhere, characters galore, and it's not just yelling and selling...anymore. With local & regional automotive, you are in control of your VO destiny. There are over 16,000 new car dealerships and over 139,000 used car dealerships across the U.S.* WOW! Learn why it’s the Holy Grail […]


Animation Audition Technique with Animation Casting Director Sara Sherman

Description Casting Directors receive anywhere from 200-500 auditions for one role. The performance you give when auditioning for a role is different from the performance you give once you book the role. Your main goal in an audition is to show the casting director the different places you can take this character. Sara will help […]


Introduction to Commercial Voiceover with Steve Reisberg

Description Commercial VO is the most common genre when entering the voiceover industry. It's the genre that all agents want to see in your portfolio in order to sign you. It's the genre that can bring great campaigns with repeat spots, usage, and opportunities to become SAG-AFTRA eligible. While Commercial may be the most common […]


Documentary Narration with Joyce Castellanos

Description Whether it's true-story, biographical, historical, crime, wildlife, or even scientific, great documentaries are moving, gripping, and thought-provoking. Learn how to develop the voice and style that makes them come to life! Documentaries are one of the most interesting genres of entertainment. They educate their audience and cover subject matter from all areas of life. To narrate, they […]


Creating Characters for Your Demo with David Rosenthal

Class Description In order to become and remain competitive in the world of character voiceover, you need to have a stable of around 5 strong, differing characters of your own making that you can rely on for their boldness and consistency. In this online class, we will explore the process involved in creating those unique characters, and begin to work the […]