Commercial Audition Technique with Hollywood Booth Director Steven Reisberg

Description You've got the talent, the passion, and the drive...but you're not booking like you think you should? Learning "how to" audition can make the difference in improving your booking success! Learn the real ins and outs of how to audition for commercials the Hollywood way! As an Audition Booth Director for years at both […]


Introduction to Commercial Voiceover with Steve Reisberg

Description Commercial VO is the most common genre when entering the voiceover industry. It's the genre that all agents want to see in your portfolio in order to sign you. It's the genre that can bring great campaigns with repeat spots, usage, and opportunities to become SAG-AFTRA eligible. While Commercial may be the most common […]


Commercial Styles: What’s Booking with Steve Reisberg

Commercial voiceover styles ride the wave of current trends. Knowing what's in style and what advertisers are looking for is a must. So, what's booking now? In this webinar, Steve will cover the following:  How contemporary reads differ from what came before. The "non-announcer" read – what does it really mean? How “conversational” is actually a […]


Coach-Led Workout – Steven Reisberg (10.10.2021)

**PAID GVAA MEMBERSHIP MEMBERS ONLY** Genres: Commercial/Character Steven Reisberg has directed and coached countless thousands of voice over sessions. His clients include the very top voice over talent in Hollywood and many A-list celebrities, including the late great “King of Voice overs” Don LaFontaine. Steve directs from strong acting technique mixed with knowledge of what […]