Audacity Voiceover Editing Webinar with Jonah Rosenthal

Description Equally important as getting a clean recording is knowing how to properly edit your voiceovers. Amateurish editing is a big red flag for a lot of potential clients, regardless of how fitting your voice may be for their project. In this 90 minute webinar, GVAA's Home Studio coach Jonah Rosenthal teaches you how to: […]


Introduction to TWISTED WAVE with Jim Edgar

Description Get to Know TWISTED WAVE with Jim Edgar of Working with most recording software available these days, you realize something fast - they are simply not designed for voice actors. With a clean interface and intuitive detail editing tools, TWISTED WAVE lets you focus on what matters most - being brilliant behind the […]


Intro to Adobe Audition with Uncle Roy Yokelson

Join the KING of Adobe Audition for a basic intro into the world of Adobe Audition! Home Studio Expert, Uncle Roy Yokelson, has been using Adobe Audition since it was Cool Edit '96! In this 90 minute webinar Uncle Roy will cover: Configuring recording specs Setting up preferences and shortcuts Basic recording and editing techniques […]


Advanced Audacity Webinar with Jonah Rosenthal

Our first Audacity Webinar with Jonah Rosenthal sold out to great acclaim, and we had so many requests for an Advanced Audacity webinar, we thought we'd deliver forthwith." In our first Audacity Voiceover Editing Webinar, we covered all the basics in terms of recording and editing using best practices. If you’ve already refined your workflow […]


Advanced Twisted Wave Webinar with Jim Edgar

With the release of Version “24”, Twisted Wave has added some very interesting features. In this webinar, Jim Edgar will build on the best practices from our first webinar, and explore how to put these to use in your home studio. By the end of this webinar you’ll know how to: Using TW’s new Noise […]