Audio Description with Roy Samuelson

Description A sports announcer gives the play-by-play of what’s happening on the field. Audio description narrators read a script of the play-by-play for the visuals of a movie or tv show. Both blind and sighted voice talents contribute to this art form, so blind and low vision audiences can enjoy tv shows and movies on […]


The Importance of Script Analysis: 3 Genres, 3 Approaches

Description The only way a pro voice actor can consistently stay in the running for jobs is to send off auditions based on expert, sound, script analysis.  Without it, you are throwing darts in the dark. Know what to look for, what to disregard, how to make a script come to you instead of you […]


How To Build Your Business & Your Bank Account -w- Corporate Narration

Description Natasha Marchewka, a full-time, at-home talent since 2006, will teach how to make a livelihood as a voice talent, with Corporate Narration in this webinar. While Corporate Narration is the bread and butter of the voiceover industry, it can be overlooked by those looking for fame and fortune. Corporate Narration provides a much better […]


New Trends in TV Narration with Thom Pinto

Description Cable networks and streaming services aren't just looking for dulcet-toned VOs for documentaries and reality series. Each network or platform creates programming to fit its brand, and in turn, looks for narrators who match that brand. Thom Pinto will break down the trends for narrators, as well as the critical skills needed to achieve […]