Coach-Led Workout: Animation Acting Ensemble with Katie Leigh (4.17.2024)

**PAID GVAA MEMBERSHIP MEMBERS ONLY** One of the tragedies of modern Animation VO is that ensemble recording sessions are few and far between these days. An ensemble recording is when two or more actors record their lines together, as opposed to individually. While more difficult and expensive to schedule, these sessions often create better performances. […]

Home Studio Workout – Jonah Rosenthal (4.18.2024)

**PAID GVAA MEMBERSHIP MEMBERS ONLY** Home Studio Workout – Up to 6 participants will submit a recorded script (30 – 60 seconds) to Google Drive. Participants will submit both a raw and an edited version. – During the workout, we listen to the recordings one at a time. Jonah will make comments on what was […]

Coach-Led Workout: Sean Daeley (4.19.2024)

**PAID GVAA MEMBERSHIP MEMBERS ONLY** Genres: All Genres Workouts cover scripts from a variety of genres including tips and tricks for breaking down scripts and improving performance. These workouts are a great way to improve your reads in a safe and encouraging environment! All workouts will be recorded and accessible to all members at any […]

Coach-Led Workout: Brian Sommer (4.20.2024)

**PAID GVAA MEMBERSHIP MEMBERS ONLY** Genres: Video Game/Animation From sinister to silly, Brian can be heard in over 150 video game titles, voicing hundreds of characters, but specializing in villains and other nefarious fiends! His titles include Diablo III, The Walking Dead, League of Legends, Sam and Max, Tales of Monkey Island, The Wolf Among […]

Coach-Led Workout – Jeff Howell (4.20.2024)

Jeff Howell is one of the most sought-after voiceover coaches in the industry! Jeff is a legendary promo coach and demo producer as well as a renowned dubbing voice director and producer working on projects for Netflix, HBO, and many more!! During his extensive career, Jeff has had the honor of casting, representing, or directing […]
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