Godfather 2 “Mobster”

Mob Audition Script
Fighting: Now’s my chance! Whatchya gonna do, punk? You’re making a mistake. Get your hands offa me! I’m just getting started…
Threatening: You really piss me off, know that? Hey – asshole! Get the hell outta here… That’s right, I’m not scared of you….
Disrespectful: I’m gonna run you thugs out of the city.. Think you RUN this town? Look, buddy – beat it. Angry: Don’t you fucking move! I’m coming for ya! You’re mine! Mine!
Shot – injured: They shot me! I’m hit. My shoulder. I can’t take it! I need a doctor!
Loud – over car noise: I can’t get a good shot! Again! Ram him again! Pull up beside ‘im!


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