Kids’ Vid Game anncr (male)

This is for the Narrator of the Princess title on our new Maestro platform. The target audience is ages 3-6. We’re looking for a male voice, one that sounds a bit like the butler from Little Mermaid. And then pull back on the British accent. Very proper and sophisticated.
Sample Script
Run to the hole in the wall as quickly as you can without waking up Lucifer.
Run in place, then jump to the colored mat spots.
Pick up any items with the number 4.
Don’t forget to pick up beads and bows along the way!
Help Gus, Jaq, and the other mice decorate Cinderella’s dress with the [beads] you collected.
Use the bopper to move beads and bows around on Cinderella’s dress.
Fill the night sky with beautiful music and sparkling fireworks just for Ariel
Help Snow White teach Dopey some dance moves!
Nice work!


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