Leapfrog Game Audition Script (male or female)

Voice Audition Script for LeapFrog

Project: This is for our Didj handheld gaming platform.

Sample Project Audio Script:
Help Miley practice her moves for the concert!
Help Miley sort out the jumbled text messages.
Use the arrow pad to select the correct answer.
Press the A button to select this outfit.
Sample Instructional Audio Script: (a little less intense in the read)
Find the word that is spelled incorrectly.
Spell the word: “dragonfly”.
Adding the suffix “F-U-L” to a word such as joy changes the meaning to full of joy as in joyful.
The word DOG is a noun, but the name SPARKY is a PROPER noun since it is the name of a CERTAIN dog.
There are many different kinds of three-dimensional shapes. a SPHERE is a round three-dimensional shape with NO base and one CURVED face that covers the whole shape.


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