Lombardi Sport (Boy & Adult Male)
Title: “Snowball Fight”

BOBBY:           Hey dad, snowball fight!
SFX:                 SNOWBALL IMPACT
DAD:               Oh! You really got me, son. Right back at ya!

SFX:                 THUD

BOBBY:           Ow, dad! That was a rock!
DAD:               Eh. Rock. Snowball. Tomato, tomahto
BOBBY:           I think I need stitches
DAD:               Ahh! I hit you in the head with one rock and now you need stitches! Hypochondriac.

ANNCR:           All the family fun of snow season is here again, and just in time for Lombardi’s annual ski/snowboard sale, going on this Saturday and Sunday only.  You’ll save up to 60% off on brands like Burton, Salomon, Volkl, Rossignol, Technica, Patagonia and more!

BOBBY:           Dad, I’m…kinda dizzy.
DAD:                Son, I’m sure you’re fine. Look here, how many fingers am I holding up?
BOBBY:           Uh…11?
ANNCR:           Get to Lombardi’s matches any winter equipment deal you find on the internet, and has discount lift tickets to every major Tahoe resort.
DAD:                Listen, I’d just as soon not mention the whole ‘rock in the head thing’ to your mother
BOBBY:           What rock in the head thing?
DAD:                Atta-boy.
BOBBY:           Wh-where am I?
DAD:               Alright, son…let’s not overdo it.
ANNCR:           You don’t have to be a good sport at Lombardi’s. Jacson and Polk, San Francisco


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