Luvox CR Medical Narration (Male & Female)

Luvox CR is now the only once-daily extended
release formulation of fluvoxamine available.

The mechanism of fluvoxamine maleate is
presumed to be linked to its specific serotonin
reuptake inhibition.

Because of fluvoxamine maleaate’s relatively short
Half-life of 15 hours, LUVOX® CR capsules were
created as the only once-a-day extended release
formulation of fluvoxamine.

Luvox CR uses SODAS technology, or the
Spheroidal Drug Absorption System, a registered
trademark of Elan Pharma International Limited.
Each capsule contains consistent combination of
immediate and extended release drug delivery

Following ingestion, immediate release beads in
the stomach allow for rapid absorption while
reducing the peak plasma concentrations
associated with immediate release fluvoxamine.
Lowering the peak plasma levels may reduce
the severity of certain side effects.

Extended release beads desolving in the
intestinal lining provide a second release of
fluvoxamine maleate which extends the
duration of action by keeping patients above the
minimum therapeutic window longer than an
immediate release treatment.

In in vitro studies of fluvoxamine maleate had no
significant affinity for histaminergic, alpha or
beta adrenergic, muscarinic, or dopaminergic
receptors. Antagonism of some of these receptors
is thought to be associated with various sedative,
cardiovascular, anticholinergic, and
extrapyramidal effects of some psychotropic

With SODAS Technology, Luvox CR is now
the only once daily fluvoxamine maleate
regimen with a starting dose of 100mgs and
pivotal clinical trial doses higher than 270mgs


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