Marketing Video (Male & Female)

In many ways, marketing is more art than science.
But that doesn’t mean that the v-p of marketing
Isn’t expected to quantify the impact your
Campaigns are having on sales. And that’s one of
The reasons that salesforce is loved by marketing

Salesforce marketing also makes the day-to-day
Challenges easier…
Like providing up-to-date materials to sales…
And managing multi-channel campaigns including
Web site, email, direct mail, and even google search
Engine marketing…
And once the leads start pouring in, salesforce
Automatically routes them to sales.

Salesforce marketing scores big in the board
Room when it puts real r-o-i numbers on your
Programs, so you can concentrate your
Resources on the ones that are delivering the
Best results.

Marketing r-o-i analysis has traditionally involved
A lot of manual work, complicated spreadsheets,
And plenty of intuition and anecdotal evidence.
Not anymore. Salesforce finally puts definitive ro-
I measurement within easy reach, and everything
Is real-time.

Salesforce shines the spotlight on the activities
That generate the most revenue… tracking every
Marketing lead through the complete sales
Process, for automatic r-o-i anaysis of each
Campaign. Now you can make sure that every
Marketing dollar is spent on the activities that
Have the biggest impact.

Out-of-the box reports give you visibility into
Response rates, lead generation, and the pipeline
And revenue associated with your campaigns. You
Can customize these reports—or create new ones
—with point-and-click ease.

Busy executives love salesforce’s customizable
Dashboards, for an at-a-glance, real-time look at
The complete marketing picture.

Your view of marketing’s impact on the business
Doesn’t get clearer than this.


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