The GVAA Membership offers ongoing coaching, training, education, and support.
Focused on live performance coaching, the GVAA Membership gives you the tools to consistently hone your craft, allowing you to move your career in the right direction.


With over 900 hours of recorded content, featuring a comprehensive catalog of GVAA classes, workshops, and webinars, including all membership live coaching, training, and education, the GVAA Membership Video Library gives you access to GVAA’s industry-leading training, on demand!

GVAA Membership Benefits


Live Coach-Led Workouts

Enjoy 2 live online Coach-Led Workouts each month featuring David Rosenthal, Cristina Milizia, Jeff Howell, Steve Reisberg, Katie Leigh, Joyce Castellanos, Brian Sommer, Carol Monda, David Toback, Sean Daeley, and Jennifer Sun Bell!

Live Q&A Webinar

Every month, David Rosenthal will host a live Q&A Webinar to answer all your voiceover career questions! Receive personalized career guidance, strategies for success, and performance feedback on auditions or demos.

Extensive Video Library

Watch and learn with access to a comprehensive catalog of GVAA’s Recorded Classes, Workshops, and Webinars as well as every Peer-Led Workout, Coach-Led Workout, and Q&A Webinar recording since the membership started! Over 500 hrs (and counting!) of amazing content filled with learning opportunities to help you hone your craft.

10% Discount

As an extra incentive to keep your voiceover training on track, members get 10% off LIVE GVAA Classes, Workshops, & Webinars.

Rate Guide & Negotiation Advice

Jobs often come along where you need to know how to negotiate a fair rate. We will advise you as to the best course of action and make suggestions to ensure the best possible outcome.

Script Library

You’ll have access to the GVAA Script Library, where you will find practice scripts from all major VO genres. Use these for membership workouts or for your own personal use, the choice is yours!

Important Membership Information


*Automatic withdrawal each month/year on your renewal date

*Members must cancel before renewal date to avoid unwanted charges

*Annual Memberships are non-refundable