PG&E Radio (Male, Female & Anncr)


SFX: In utility room: clunking washing machine, sounding like it’s on its last legs. Other room: sounds of kids laughing, screaming, playing in background.

Woman: (yelling from other room; sound of kids is louder) Honey, what is that awful sound?

Man: (sound of washing machine is louder) What? I can’t hear you. The washer’s too loud.

Woman: What? I can’t hear you. The kids are too loud.

Man: What?

Woman: What? Hang on.

SFX: Clunking washing machine gets louder (as wife gets closer to laundry room)

Woman: (in laundry room with husband now) That does not sound good.

Man: Well, what have we done, like five loads a day ever since we started having kids? (In Scotty from Star Trek voice) The old girl’s giving it everything she’s got. She can’t hold together much longer.

Woman: (Also in Scotty voice, somewhat sarcastic in tone) Well, captain, maybe it’s time we got a new machine.

Announcer: Right now, PG&E is offering customers up to $75 for new, energy-efficient clothes washers. It’s just one of the more than $1,800 in rebates and incentives you can find in the FREE Smart Home Rebate Booklet from PG&E. Order it today at

Man: Did you just call me captain?

Woman: Of the laundry. You’re doing a great job. Carry on.

Anncr: Order your PG&E Smart Home Rebate Booklet at It’s has over $1,800 worth of rebates, including up to $75 rebates on new, energy-efficient clothes washers. Visit for more info.


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