college student – Female – any ethnicity can be OK. It’s all about her being a vibrant, bubbly, relatable, likable personality.

As a full-time student. More times than not I find myself suddenly up against a
deadline for a paper or cramming for a test and pulling an all-nighter. (groan)
The last thing I need is to stress about whether or not my printer’s going to do
its job when I finally finish. Money’s tight so I looked for the best printer
for the price and I found the Phaser LX 550 Stylus Printer. It’s pretty serious,
is super easy to use, the prints look awesome, and it’s only a little over a
hundred bucks. I owe at least part of my 4.0 GPA to my Phaser printer. Now, I
just need it to help me find the right job!


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