PlayStation E3 Exhibit Guided Tour (Male & Female)

Welcome to the PlayStation booth and all the exciting games we have on both
PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 this coming year.

On your right is Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove: The Walt Disney Company’s
next Holiday feature animated film (starring the voices of David Spade, John Goodman
and Eartha Kitt), comes to life on the PlayStation game console, bringing the movie
experience into a stunning and interactive 3D world. Player’s will enjoy true, signature
Disney-style animation, gameplay and humor across more than 30 locations. Disney’s
The Emperor’s New Groove will be available this November.

Also available this year is Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge. Enjoy the popular
animated series as it comes to life on PlayStation. Featuring the original cast of
characters, gamers take on the role of Aladdin, Abu and Jasmine at different points in the
adventure while journeying across 9 vibrant environments. Action-packed gameplay will
vary between frantic fight scenes, white-knuckle chases, methodical puzzle solving and
rip roaring adventure. All complemented with brilliant cinematic scenes and voices form
the original Disney animated series. This title will be available August 29th.

Coming up on our left is Grind Session. It combines the spirit of skateboarding with
arcade-style action. It features 6 pro riders; hundreds of trick combinations, a partnership
with the Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding along with other associated sponsors like
RollingStones Magazine, Ford, Mountain Dew and more, as well as some of the hottest
alternative bands around including KRS One, Zen Guerilla, Black Flag, Sonic Youth and
Cornelius. With Tournament competitions, Technical Bonuses, a Dream House feature,
Open Skate and multi-player features Grind Session is sure to be a big summer hit.
Available May 23rd.

TV’s hottest game show is now available on PlayStation with the 2nd edition of Who
Wants To Be A Millionaire. Hosted by Regis Philbin, complete with his wit and
attitude, and featuring 600 mind-bending questions, all 3 Lifelines and 2-player “Fastest
Finger” rounds – you will be put to the test as you try your hand at becoming a
millionaire. It delivers all the drama, anticipation and fun anxiety of the TV show as
you’re put in the “Hot Seat”. It’s what you know and how fast you can prove it. This
game will be available June 20th..

The full graphical capabilities of the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system are
displayed in this newest action-puzzle game, FantaVision. Players will be able to create
fantastic fireworks displays using a combination of unique gameplay and advanced
graphics, mixed with excellent lighting and explosive visual effects, to make this one of
the most visually-impressive titles available. FantaVision puts gamers in control of
massive fireworks displays in settings all over the world, including cityscapes,
amusement parks and an orbiting space station. A 2-player mode will add even more
depth and challenge to this innovative experience. Available this Fall.
As usual the 989 Sports lineup delivers the hottest and best sports franchises around
with the 2000 series of NFL GameDay, NHL FaceOff, NBA ShootOut, MLB 2001 and
NCAA GameBreaker and NCAA FinalFour. provide stunning games on both
PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 this fall. Take a few minutes to view the stunning
footage from these games.

Once again, Sony Computer Entertainment America leads the racing revolution with
Gran Turismo 2000 for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the third
installment of the multi-million selling Gran Turismo franchise.

The most realistic interactive racing experience to date, Gran Turismo 2000 delivers
speed you can feel. The game takes full advantage of the DUALSHOCK™ 2 Analog
Controller so that the harder the virtual driver pushes on the pressure-sensitive controller,
the faster the car goes, simulating the gas pedal of a real car and allowing drivers to
“feel” the speed as they maneuver through curves and shoot down straight-aways.
Gran Turismo 2000’s sophisticated car physics and meticulous environment mapping
create broadcast quality graphics that blur the line between game and reality. Whether
it’s the sun’s beaming rays off the windshield, or smoldering heat waves rising from the
tarmac, Gran Turismo 2000 delivers a glorious racing dynamic like no other.
Using the PlayStation 2’s calculation power, the physics model is identical to that of a
real car. Advanced opponent behavior and calculated physics turn mere car physics into
emotion physics where players will sense other cars reacting to sneering passes and
jarring cut-offs. Other new features include enhanced graphics (the polygon count per
car model is 10 times higher than its predecessor, Gran Turismo 2), a two to four multiplayer
mode using the Multitap 2, new detailed courses, additional car models and an
improved interface design.
Building upon the winning formula that made its successors a huge hit, Polyphony
Digital’s Gran Turismo 2000 is a technological breakthrough and visionary masterpiece.
The flag is up and the race is on.

PlayStation 2 opens the doors to games that go beyond the traditional and typical gaming
genres. ICO is a display of remarkable detail to exploration, conquest, puzzle-solving
and story. As a young hero, gamers find themselves in a fantastical, awe-inspiring world
where they must find their way through puzzle-laden castles, dungeons, corridors, fields
and more, to rescue a beautiful young girl. With incredible graphics, unique play physics
and puzzles that will surely challenge even the most experienced of gamers, ICO puts
true gamers to the test. Available this Fall.

RPG fans can create and explore their own virtual world in Dark Cloud, a unique 3D
role-playing adventure game that challenges players not only to strategize, battle and
solve puzzles, but to also create geographical landscapes using the new Georama feature
system. Players assume the role of a young, innocent hero, on an unforgettable epic
journey of rebirth, revival and renewed hope. True to life graphics will mesmerize
gamers as they create a village complete with houses, hills, churches, volcanoes, streams,
villagers and even the ability to control the weather. Seamless transitions between
exploration, battles and creation modes allow for uninterrupted and instantaneous “realtime”
gameplay. With its unparalleled versatility and freedom to control the character’s
destiny, Dark Cloud, slated for fall release, encourages players to let their imaginations
run wild.

Let me call your attention to eight foot wide jumbotron displaying some of the beautiful
graphics from the games currently under development for PlayStation 2. Once the door
opens we will enter “the experience zone” for an exciting presentation of what
PlayStation 2 will offer in the future of computer entertainment.
Please follow me out the door to receive a PlayStation 2 tee-shirt.

On our right here is the newest installment in the popular Spyro the Dragon™ franchise,
Spyro: Year of the Drago – combining the best features of the past games with new
characters and new gameplay elements and delivering the most exhilarating new
adventure in the series, yet.

Players can control four brand new critters each with their own worlds and special
abilities to help accomplish different tasks. Other new features in the game include
challenges with mini-bosses and restructured Speed Rounds, mini-games including
boxing, skateboarding, sharp shooting and all-new challenges in the Race Mode where
players race against the critters. Coming this Holiday Season.
Crash Bandicoot returns with a host of familiar characters in this 3D arena-based battle
game. Featuring signature Crash-style gameplay, Crash Bash brings pure adrenaline
excitement to PlayStation this holiday season.

With (7), four-player competitive events and gameplay that varies between fast-paced,
intense, head-to-head battles and adrenaline-rushing races for points, players will be
tested on their skills, agility and perseverance. Select from eight different characters in
either Adventure Mode or Battle Mode in 28 competitive “events”. Battle it out in Last
Man Standing, Team Play, Points Play, Pick Up Play and Ride ‘Em Play modes.
Available this Holiday Season.

As you make your way back to the Sales Meeting rooms, call attention to:
The Legend of Dragoon.

After three years in the making with a development team of more than 100 members,
The Legend of Dragoon unfolds as one of the biggest, most unforgettable epic roleplaying
adventures ever. The Legend of Dragoon takes players on an unbelievable
adventure full of astounding animations and graphics, innovative game design and a
strong character-driven story that portrays a world of lush beauty, intense magical combat
and unknown destinies. Featuring stunning cinematic graphics sequences, more than 650
beautifully pre-rendered backgrounds utilizing the latest graphics technologies and
providing more than 80 hours of immersive gameplay, The Legend of Dragoon
completely maximizes and showcases the power of and our total commitment to the
PlayStation game console. Available June 13.


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