POPLOCROIS Sides (male AND female)

KAI/NARCIA: Kai is Pietro’s good friend, who, as they grow closer through the trials and tribulations they endure, becomes more of a love interest for Pietro. This love is felt just as strongly by Kai/Narcia. Kai is actually a forest witch, named Narcia (a good witch…think “little Earth Mother.”) She appears as Narcia for much of the game, as she needs to be on the top of her game, magically speaking, and only Narcia, not Kai, can do this. She is loyal, fun-loving, brave, and wears her heart on her sleeve. She loves Pietro (there feelings for each other definitely grow over the course of the game.) She is whip-smartfearless, and very sensible. Her soft spot is for Pietro.

Pietro seems to be near death after being zapped by the evil Maira. He is in an unearthly sleep, and all of his friends are in the room where he lies, grief-stricken. Narcia, who is at his bedside, reveals her feelings for him and her feelings of helplessness at not being able to help him. But when a single tear of hers falls on his forehead he is revived.

NARCIA: His head is so hot!
NARCIA: I’m sorry, Pietro.
NARCIA: I wish with all my heart I knew how to make you well.
NARCIA: If I could only understand Maira’s spirit-nature, like a true sorceress of the forest, I would know how to undo this spell.
NARCIA: But I’m only an apprentice, Pietro. I do not have the wisdom like my master, Guilda. I have tried so hard to understand, but it’s just no use.
NARCIA: Please Pietro…open your eyes.
NARCIA: I always wear the pendant you gave me. See?
NARCIA: You made me so happy the day you gave this to me.
NARCIA: It is my treasure.
NARCIA: You said it looked good on me, remember?
NARCIA: Please, tell me that again.
NARCIA: Open your eyes…
NARCIA: You need to open your eyes so that we can be together again.
NARCIA: So that we can go watch shooting stars again and make a wish upon them.
NARCIA: Pietro…I don’t know what to do.
NARCIA: Oh, Pietro…Pietro…
NARCIA: Pietro…
PIETRO: Na..r..ci..a?
NARCIA: Pietro!
PIETRO: Narcia…
NARCIA: Oh, Pietro, I’m here!
NARCIA: Open your eyes, Pietro! Come on…I know you can do it.
NARCIA: Come back to us!
PIETRO: (finally opening his eyes) Mmm? Guys?
NARCIA: Pietro!
PIETRO: Huh? What’s going on. What happened?
NARCIA: Good morning, my Pietro. You’ve come back to us.
PIETRO: Good morning, Narcia. But I still don’t underst…
JILVA: (pushing Narcia aside and jumping on top of Pietro, she screams with delight) Ahhhh!
JILVIA: I was so worried about you!
PIETRO: (taken by surprise, he’s not very happy about Jilva making a public spectacle) Jilva. C’mon, get off!
ELENA (tugging on Jilva’s gown): No, Jilva, no. You are mine.
PIETRO: (upset) Hey. Stop it. Get off. Hey, c’mon.
NARCIA: (looking at all this commotion, feeling jealous and sad that their moment has been taken away) Pietro…

Our heroes are running, too late it seems, to save Sania, Pietro’s mother, from death. Maira has imprisoned Sania so that she can steal, by using her evil magic, Sania’s inner and outer beauty. But now that she has the four stone tablets, she doesn’t need Sania anymore and leaves her weak and dying, along with the Great Lord Dragon. As our heroes run up the steps of an underground fortress they hear Maira’s wicked laughter.

PIETRO: (coming upon the dead Lord Dragon) Great Lord Dragon…
PIETRO: (then, seeing his mother lying motionless on the floor) Mom…
WHITE KNIGHT: Prince Pietro, it seems we have arrived too late!
MAIRA: (coming out of the shadows with the last stone tablet and addressing Sania’s limp body) Looks like I won’t be needing you after all.
MAIRA: You are free to die now!
MAIRA: With all the tablets in my possession…
MAIRA: I will awaken the horrible Monster Barbaran and vengeance will be mine!
PIETRO: (running up to his mother) MOM!
PIETRO: Are you all right?
PIETRO: Mom…please…
PIETRO: No, don’t die, Mom.
PIETRO: Wake up!
PIETRO: You can’t die. Not now. You can’t…
WHITE KNIGHT: (coming to Pietro’s side) Prince Pietro, I know this will be hard to hear, but we really should be going after Maira, before she…
PIETRO: Nooo! I’m not going!
PIETRO: I can’t do this anymore!
NARCIA: Pietro, please…
PIETRO: Why always me? I’ve had enough…
WHITE KNIGHT: Prince Pietro…
WHITE KNIGHT: This wasn’t your fault.
PIETRO: I could do nothing but watch my own mother die.
PIETRO: Why? Why did she have to die?
PIETRO: I’m not doing this anymore.
PIETRO: Let someone else do it. Just leave me be!
NARCIA: Pietro…
NARCIA: You know how much Queen Sania wanted to save this world.
PIETRO: Save the world…
NARCIA: Pietro, this world is very dear to me.
NARCIA: It is a beautiful place because you are in it with me.
PIETRO: Narcia!
NARCIA: And because I have friends like Guilda, White Knight, and Leona.
NARCIA: Queen Sania wanted to save this world because she wanted to save you, too.
NARCIA: If you can understand your mother’s love for you…my love for you…
NARCIA: …then you can understand why you must continue on.
PIETRO: You’re right, Narcia…
PIETRO: I still have all of my dear friends to think of.


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