Power Supply (Male & Female)

Power Supply: Plug in for great performance.

In general, power supply is a device that supplies energy to applications. Some examples
would be batteries, solar cells etc. Power Supply unit or PSU is a device that supplies energy,
be it solar, electric or electromagnetic, to applications. The term PSU is most commonly applied
to electrical power supplies. These provide electricity for the movement of biomolecules,
proteins & nucleic acids in laboratory applications of electrophoresis, blotting etc,

The intent of this webcast is to introduce our supplies, accessories and discuss some
frequently asked questions and safety issues

We currently offers 3 different power supplies. The PPBasic, PPHC (for high current), PPHV for
high voltage and PPUniversal which is a hybrid between PPHC and PPHV. The # under power
supply name is the catalog# for the item.

Powerpacs are all designed to run multiple, up to 4, applications at a time. They are
programmable to varying degrees of programmability with one or multiple electrical parameters,
with one or several program storage capability and some, such as the HV and Universal, come
with preprogrammed electrophoretic protocols. HV and Universal, are also equipped with an IR
port for easy data transfer to a PC.

Lets take a closer look at a powerpac.

4 jacks for 4 applications, a liquid crystal display, backlit for visibility of parameters, easy to use
key pad for programming and in some cases an IR port for data transfer.

On the right side is a toggle switch to turn the powerpac on/off. In the back is the plug inlet to
connect the power supply to a wall outlet using a power cord.

Accessories: PowerPac adaptors. These allow the use of Bio-Rad PowerPacs with appliances
from other companies. We also offer a temperature probe, as a convenient method to monitor
temperature of an application and program the power supply to maintain a particular
temperature range during an application.

Now we come to our section of Frequently asked questions…..


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