Male, 12 years old

Max’s best friend. In contrast to the impulsive and hotheaded Max, Rex is cool, calm and collected. His
knowledge of dinosaurs surpasses even Max’s, and his analytical mind is the perfect complement to Max’s active nature.

His voice should be in marked contrast to Max—
lower, calmer, less emotional. He rarely shows
emotion, but he’s still 12 years old, and he does get
upset sometimes.



1. “All right! I’ll show you how it’s done!”
(cool, confident, ready to fight)

2. “You don’t think you can get away with this, do
(cool, confident, ready to fight)

3. “Now I’m serious! Take this!”
(still cool, but with more energy, during a fight)

4. “Darn it!”
(chagrined, just lost a match)

5. “Great, that’s terrific!”
(jubilant; winning a match)

6. “It’s Monolophosaurus!”
(enthusiastic but calm)

7. “Heh… not bad… (opponent pulls off a big attack, things are starting to look bad, but still calm and confident)


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