Commercials: A Journey in 5 Lines with Carol Monda (Recorded)



You’re invited to explore the dimensionality of commercials with Carol Monda. In this two-part, four-hour course, you will learn to expand your approach to and delivery of commercials, and elevate your process, your skill, and your success. This class will review accepted and untapped practices, and cultivate a system for how to tailor them to your own unique signature. We will share one on one and group exercises to work on these concepts and to develop greater instinct and confidence in your craft. The goal of this class is to find the ‘fine print’ in the print.

Class One: The Text

    • Analyze commercial copy in fresh ways.
    • Discover the story inherent in the script.
    • Find clues and cues for the “right” tone.
    • Learn marking techniques for effective copy breakdown.

Class Two: The Read

    • Play with varied delivery choices.
    • Build a compelling message.
    • Find a grounded and authentic voice.
    • Develop a personal connection to the text.

Join veteran Voice Actor and Coach, Carol Monda, for this smart and unique Commercial class and improve your Commercial Craft!

Duration: 4.5 Hours
Access: Unlimited Access to Workshop
Investment: $297 (watch free in GVAA Membership Video Library!)

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