eLearning Strategies for Success with John Kissinger (Recorded Webinar)



The eLearning industry has experienced exponential growth year over year. Now, in the age of COVID-19 and the work-from-home workforce, eLearning is set to explode! It’s time to take your eLearning voiceover game to the next level with an award-winning instructional designer and eLearning voiceover aficionado, John Kissinger!

In this recorded webinar, you will:

• Learn the current state of the eLearning industry, how eLearning fits into a voice actor’s portfolio, and how to generate more eLearning work
• Climb inside the designer’s mind to better understand the eLearning development process and how you can better support it
• Uncover the key job titles to connect with and where to find them
• Discover what works (and what doesn’t) in your marketing outreach to eLearning developers
• Gain insights on eLearning scripts, reads, and the dos and don’ts of editing eLearning audio
PLUS an extended Q&A session about all things eLearning.

Get your eLearning strategy set and supercharge your eLearning voiceover career!

Duration: 2 Hours
Access: Unlimited access to webinar on this page – (see video below)
Investment: $39 (free in GVAA Membership!!)


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