Q & A with Talent Agent – Ilko Drozdoski (AVO Talent)



What does it take to be represented by a Los Angeles talent agency? If you are looking to make it as a voice actor in the ultra competitive LA Market, this webinar is a must see!

Ilko shares his insight on:

  • Best methods for gaining LA representation
  • The major “do’s and don’t” once you have agency representation
  • How to foster a good relationship with your agent
  • Demos – appropriate lengths and what catches and agents attention
  • Remote talent – the feasibility of getting an LA agent, even if you don’t live in LA

If LA is your dream, this webinar is an essential part of your education for succeeding in the most competitive market in the world.


Duration: 1 1/2 Hours
Access: Unlimited access to webinar on this page – (see video below)
Investment: $49 (free in GVAA Membership!!)



About Ilko:

Originally from New York City, Ilko came to Los Angeles the old fashioned way- he drove across the country in a car that could barely make it, but he did. And on January 1st 1994 when he was on the beach in Venice tanning himself, he knew he’d never go back. Hollywood was calling. He toiled as a PA, driver and set worker on several films, TV shows and music videos over the years until he got his first big break: a full time job working for Steve Tisherman as an Assistant Agent. He did so well with the scheduling of the talent, that Steve promoted him to Agent in one year. He was responsible for booking, recruiting and hand holding of many, many VO talent. He placed talent in every field of VO- network promotion, film trailer, animated series, Video Games, commercial campaigns, audiobook and voices for toys- and both in English and Spanish markets! Within six years of this he and his partners bought Steve’s company and renamed it TGMD. After eight years as partner there, Ilko ought new challenges and had has been at AVO Talent for almost one year.


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