Rates & Negotiation Coaching



Understanding voiceover rates can be confusing, complex, and frustrating. You want to understand your value while charging clients appropriately, but getting a firm grasp on rate structures, why, and how you should quote projects can feel daunting.

Set yourself up for success with Rates & Negotiation Coaching with GVAA’s rates expert, David Toback!

In his coaching sessions, David will give you a deep and thorough understanding of rates, equipping you with the knowledge and power to quote with confidence!

He’ll cover:
  • A foundational understanding of rates and the current market
  • Rate structures for VO genres and how to quote them
  • Usage, conflicts, and exclusivity
  • How to say NO to “in-perpetuity”
  • Session fees
  • Negotiation strategies for success
  • Contracts and service agreements
  • The value you deliver
  • Educating clients professionally and asserting your authority
  • Plus! answer any specific questions you may have!
Take control of your business, understand your value, and quote with confidence!



David created the GVAA Rate Guide in 2016 and joined the GVAA staff shortly thereafter. He currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer, responsible for managing all aspects of the academy.

Originally a student, David was mentored by GVAA Founder Cristina Milizia. After receiving rates advice and resources, he created a personal rate guide that would be the inspiration for and genesis of the GVAA Rate Guide. After working with Cristina to develop and introduce the first version of the Rate Guide, David joined the staff and has grown to become the main driver of the organization’s growth and development.

David is a passionate advocate for fair rates and helping talent understand the value they command as voice actors. He’s had the pleasure of educating the industry through is work with GVAA and speaking at conferences such as VO Atlanta and V.O. North. Using his years of business experience from his previous career, David is dedicated to ensuring the stability of voiceover rates through rate and negotiation education and advice.

Stop by David’s website to see his VO work and creativity!