Sean Daeley, One-on-One Coaching by the Hour



As a voice talent with a decade of professional experience, and an educator with a Masters in Teaching from Western Washington University with additional Degrees in Theater and Language Arts, Sean marries his love of acting and teaching in his role as Membership Manager and coach for GVAA. Sean offers members guidance, support, and coaching to help them reach their VO goals!

Over the past 6 years, Sean has logged thousands of hours coordinating, leading, and moderating GVAA’s Workouts and Webinars, improving talent performances with his friendly and gentle coaching style, offering home studio setup and support, as well as marketing and career guidance for talent at all stages of their career.

Sean’s motto is “Confidence comes from knowledge and practice,” and he does his darndest to give voice talent the knowledge and confidence they need to take agency and advance their VO careers!


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