Uncle Roy Yokelson’s 2 Hour Life Changing Adobe Audition Set Up and Training



Uncle Roy’s been using Adobe Audition since it was Cool Edit ’96 and has come up with his own unique and intuitive setup instructions on how to record, edit, and master like a pro.

In this 2hr 1-on-1 session, Roy guides you step by step through his process and sets up your audition workstation to help you work more efficiently and produce even higher quality audio!

Uncle Roy will:

  • Setup his intuitive shortcuts and uniquely creative settings, including special settings specifically for audiobook editing and mastering
  • Adjust all other important software preferences and settings
  • Explain step-by-step what to do and why
  • Tech terms explained: normalization, compression, EQ, noise reduction, and more
  • Demonstrate not only the waveform view but show you how to use multi-track for adding music and effects
  • Show you how to read and use spectral-view
  • PLUS, you’ll get a recording of the 2nd half of the session to review the setup and workflow procedures!

No matter what genre of voiceover, or the level of tech knowledge – this session is a must for all – from beginner to seasoned pro!

Join Uncle Roy and transform your Audition experience and output!