Video Game Efforts & Exertions with David Rosenthal – Recorded Workshop



Anyone serious about getting work in the video game industry needs to know how to effectively perform realistic efforts, exertions, cries, and yells. Just as important, you need to execute all of these in a manner that does no harm to your vocal cords. It is what allows you to make money, after all.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to properly perform Efforts & Exertions
  • Practice Tips & Tricks to make your efforts realistic and believable
  • Learn how to keep your vocal cords healthy and happy
  • See proven techniques put into practice during the live group workout

Join David Rosenthal for this one of a kind workshop and learn how to perform efforts and exertions the right and safe way!

Duration: 3 Hours
Access: Unlimited access to workshop on this page – (see video below)
Investment: $139 (free in GVAA Membership!!)


*This is a recorded product – there is no live component*


**DISCLAIMER** GVAA partners with Casting Directors, Coaches, and Agents strictly for the purpose of educating voice actors. Participation does not guarantee representation or work.