Tokyo Game Show (Male & Female)

Narration: Well, here we are at the
Tokyo Game show, E3’s
Japanese Cousin. Now, we
could have shown you all the big
games that you’ll see at E3, but
we thought we’d take the
proverbial road less traveled.

Narration: It goes without saying that
the Japanese are extremely
friendly. They also have a great
sense of fashion. Not to mention
their own unique brand of super

Narration: This is the “Captain Love” game. It
isn’t just an adventure game. It’s a
genre…game. You make fun have all
these conversation with the heroine
and other characters. You have fun
making conversation and you use that
to progress in the game.

Narration: So it’s not your typical hero-thing kind
of game. You battle using the
conversation you make. And!, There
isn’t a single scene of violence.

Narration: Right now, we’re gonna go
from a game of polite
conversation to one that involves
some serious grilling.

Narration: We’ve made a game here with the title
“Judge Grilledmeat”. The concept of
the game is that you grill the pork and
serve it to the guests. The various
preferences of the various guests are
set like so. For example, The guests
have set food preferences so, if one
doesn’t like carrots you don’t serve
that guest carrots, and you serve all
the guests with grilled meat when it’s
properly done. That raises their
degree of satisfaction, and you
complete [“clear”] the game.

Narration: In the event that you O.D.
on “Judged Grilledmeat,” you’ll find
this next game a big help in the love
handle department.

Narration: This is a diet simulation machine. You
run by operating this special
controller, and the calories appear
here. So in this game, one candy is
one kilocalorie, and you can see how
many kilocalories you’ve used up over
the distance you’ve run so far.

Narration: In addition to meat cooking
games and games that measure how
meaty – or meatless – you are, we
discovered one that featured a rather
breathtaking controller.

Narration: This is one of our mini-games. As
you’re exhaling, vocalizing, into this
mike, you’re digging deeper and
deeper. If you don’t make it to the
Catch-Your-Breath Level before you
run out of air in your lungs, it’s “Game
Over.” We have 15 types of games,
mini-games, like this. You use the
mike, so anybody can play easily. We
hope you like it!

Narration: “Gallop Racer” isn’t like conventional
horseracing games, where you raise
racing horses. Here, the idea is to get
the sensation of actually being a
jockey. We’ve called on the power of
the PS2 hardware, first of all for the
graphics, which have gotten far more

…I think they’re just about to go into
the final corner. At the final corner,
you’ve got to use your whip, and make
that final sprint.

Narration: Now they’re on the final stretch.
They’re using their whips…yeah, this
is how you have to compete down the
final stretch. And now they’re crossing
the finish line. Now here,
unfortunately, I lost out; but if you do it
right, you can take first place.

Narration: After a full day of focusing
on bright lights and flashing
video screens, we thought it
might be a good idea to have our
eyes checked before we left.


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