This picture is of Cristina Milizia - GVAA Co-Founder, Owner, & Coach. She's a latin women, with brown hair and brown eyes. She's pictured at the SOVAS awards, holding her winning trophy, wearing a shinny green dress.

Cristina Milizia is an award-winning, bilingual voice actor specializing in animation, toy and video game work. Voice Arts Awards Winner in 2022 for “Outstanding Animation Character, Film or TV, Best Voiceover”, she is most well known for her characters: Annie & Amumu on League of Legends, Poison Ivy on Cartoon Network’s DC Super Hero Girls, Jessica Cruz for LEGO DC, Carlitos on Nickelodeon’s The Casagrandes, Barbie’s friend Teresa for all Barbie Mattel animated media, Baby Bottle on The Cuphead Show, and Nemona for Pokémon Masters EX.

Cristina currently works full-time as a voice-over artist and enjoys coaching and mentoring talent through Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA). Additional and ongoing credits include Pixar’s Lightyear, Nickelodeon’s Baby Shark and Rugrats, Pixar’s Onward, Star Trek, Riot Games Arcane, Mattel’s Barbie A Touch of Magic/Dreamhouse Adventures, Nintendo Switch’s Princess Peach Showtime, Butch Hartman’s The Garden Cartoon, Sirius XM Pandora commercials, and Marshalls. She lives and works in Rochester, New York with her husband and four-year-old son.

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“Cristina rocks!! She says how much she loves teaching and it really shows! I got eight pages of notes out of our last class together and now have a realistic and forthright picture of the potential in the toy voice universe. Having her teach us ways to progress from exactly the stage I’m at was so helpful! I had to go to work later that night, but was smiling the whole time because I really felt like I had a breakthrough.”

Nate Truell

Cristina and the GVAA are an incredible asset for every level of voice over artist. I met Cristina at a convention and mentioned to her that I didn’t know how to make my voice sound like a little girl. She mentioned they would be starting a class soon to work on performing children’s voices and recommended signing up. It was a four week class, but even after day 1, I was able to make my voice more youthful! It was over an incredible experience. I would (and have) recommend(ed) this school to anyone looking to get in to voice acting or improve their skills.

Dianna C. - Lake Forest, CA

Working with The GVAA has been incredible. I had been taking group VO classes for a few months already when I met Cristina. Cristina ended up coaching me for a few months and really helped me hone my Commercial Voiceover skills. I worked with her to prep for and record my commercial demo and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results! I am proud of my demo and I owe a lot of that to Cristina and The GVAA. I’ve taken a few other classes with other coaches at The GVAA and recently completed a youthful ladies class where I worked on children’s character voices and voiceover for Toys & Games. Cristina has made it so fun and has really inspired me to pursue my career in voiceover. I would highly recommend The GVAA to anyone looking to learn or improve on their voiceover skills or simply keep connected with other voice actors. I’ll be sticking with these guys for a long time!

Jenna D. - Sherman Oaks, CA

I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Cristina’s class on creating kids’ voices is the single most important class I have ever taken for Voice Over. She does not just teach technique, she teaches SAFE technique. And that is what makes for a long, and more importantly, healthy, career.
Her ability to create separate, distinct, and BELIEVABLE voices for both boys and girls at every age is phenomenal. The way she breaks technique down so that literally anyone can replicate it comes from a wealth of experience, and the foundation provided by professional vocalists for parents who contributed to her development of proper care of her vocal instrument and ability to analyze and isolate the multiple techniques she instinctively uses and present them in a clear, attainable manner.

Cristina was born to be a teacher. She has the unique combination of experience, patience, generosity and a genuinely warm, beautiful spirit that thrives on enriching the lives of others. She happens to be a lot of fun too! I highly recommend her and her institution, the Global Voice Acting Academy.

Kara Kovacich Stewart - Voice Actor

Wow, so much praise for these guys! I joined their FB community awhile back and they are ALL so kind, generous, and knowledgeable about all aspects of the VO World. This group led me to taking a one night Pro Intensive of the Realistic Kids Voices class, taught by the one and only Cristina Milizia.

This workshop was game changing to be sure! Just from perusing the in depth ‘homework handouts’ she sent us prior to the workshop, I learned so many things about the Whys and Wheres of my vocal sound, once together she taught us about the Hows! I have trained with a lot of different teachers and everyone has their own way of passing forth their knowledge…Cristina’s is based on teaching us how ANATOMICALLY our voice works, mixed of course with a generous, patient, fun loving spirit. Because she breaks everything down anatomically, with practice and understanding, anyone can grow and expand their range of characters ten fold just from this one class.. I watched it happen with the gals around me!

I found even though this was a character class, the things I was learning will easily be applied to all genres of VO…especially the ability to do certain things with my voice with ZERO vocal strain. So many gold nuggets came from this class. Easily the most career changing class I’ve taken. Thank you Cristina for your vision of the GVAA…a safe, positive, supportive community where we can all learn and rise together. 🙂

Natalie Mills - Voice Actor