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Commercial Scripts

6 Short Commercial Scripts (male/female) – Commercial

ALAMO CAR RENTAL (male) – Commercial

Apple iPod (male/female) – Commercial

AT&T TV – Laptop Connect Card (Male/Female) – Commercial

Birthday Disney (Teen/Kid) – Commercial

Burger King (Male/Female) – Commercial

Cadillac DTS – “BIG” (Male) – Commercial

Cadillac SRX – “Bacon” (Female) – Commercial

Capital Honda-Radio (Boy/Girl) – Commercial

Cheerios (Male/Female) – Commercial

Cheesy ANNCR for Video Game (Male) – Commercial

Cingular spot (Teen Girl) – Commercial

Coldstone Creamery – Harlem Globetrotters Promo (Male/Female) – Commercial

Countrywide Home Loans (Male/Female) – Commercial

Custom Atlantic Homes (2 Females) – Commercial

Darigold Ice Cream (Male/Female) – Commercial

DoneRite Pizza (Male/Female/Teen) – Commercial

Dynacraft D-Drive (Male/Female) – Commercial

Fisher Price “Hunny Bunch Pooh”(Baby Boy) – Commercial

Gift Ems! Jakks Pacific – TV AVO (Female) – Commercial

God of War-Playstation (Male/Female) – Commercial

Golden Corral – Woman Role (Female) AVO (Male/Female) – Commercial

Goto Meeting (Male/Female) – Commercial

Hanes Comfort Soft Men’s Tees (Male/Female) – Commercial

Harley Davidson “Skull Santa” (Male) – Commercial

Helzberg Diamonds (Boy/Male) – Commercial

Honda “Green” (Male/Female) – Commercial

Hooters Radio (Female) – Commercial

Hotel Experts (Female) – Commercial

Jack In The Box (Boy/Girl) – Commercial

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches (Female) – Commercial

Juicy Juice (Kids/Teen) – Commercial

Kenji’s Teriyaki Bowls (Male/Female) – Commercial

Kodak (Girl/Boy) – Commercial

Levi’s Womenswear (Teen Girl) – Commercial

L&S radioscript (young male and female) – Commercial

Lombardi Sport (Boy & Adult Male) – Commercial

Lowens Appliances (Female) – Commercials

Malibu Playboy Fragrance (Male) – Commercial

McDonald’s (Male/Female) – Commercial

Mervyn’s Thanksgiving Rooster (Male) – Commercial

Milk (Girl/Boy) – Commercial

Milk (Teen girl/Boy) – Commercial

Panificio (Male/Female) – Commercial

Pepsi Max SNL (Male & Female) – Commercial

PG&E Radio (Male & Female) – Commercial

PHASER HI DEF PRINTER (Female) – Commercial


PHASER STYLUS PRINTER (Male & Female) – Commercial

Pizza Hut (Male & Female) – Commercial

Pledge Base Spray (Male & Female) – Commercial

Pringles (Male & Female) – Commercial

Quixotes – Piano Man (Male) – Commercial

San Francisco Zoo (Boy or Girl) – Commercial

Santa Clara Water District Radio PSA – English & Spanish (Male & Female) – Commercial

Say “hear more” (Spanish) – Commercial

SBC Teenlink (Girl) – Commercial

Sly Video Game Promo (Male & Female) – Commercial

Sprint PCS (Teen Girl or Boy) – Commercial

Subway (Teen Girl or Boy) – Commercial

Suzie’s Lemon-Aid (Male & Female) – Commercial

“School Subjects” Radio (Kid, Female, All) – Commercial

The Legend of Dragoon (Male & Female) – Commercial

Thunder Hills Casino (Male & Female) – Commercial

TJ Maxx (Teen male & Female) – Commercial

Totino’s Pizza (Teen Boy) – Commercial

Vlasic Pickles (Boy or Girl) – Commercial

WAL-MART NFL GameDay (Male & Female) – Commercial

Wendy’s English & Spanish (Male & Female) – Commercial


Telephony / Message On Hold Scripts


IVC Telephony (Male & Female) – Telephony



Bailey Properties (Male & Female) – On-Hold Messaging

PlayStation 1-800# Hotline (Male & Female) – On-Hold Messaging

Webtone (Male & Female) – On-Hold Messaging

e-Learning Scripts