Mentorship and Career Strategy Session



Get a detailed and personalized career strategy plan to achieve your voice over goals in this 1hr 15min session with Cristina Milizia!

Cristina loves to mentor voice actors on a deeper level: she will map out all of your personal goals and break them down into actionable, achievable steps. She will go into your personal history and background, assess your current skill level, take into account your current life circumstances (how much time you have to dedicate to your development, your budget, and schedule) and create a realistic plan of attack to help you succeed.

While Cristina is focused primarily on animation and character work, a diverse portfolio of work options is essential! She will also discuss additional voice over genres with you – based on what is best suited to your voice – to help direct you towards where you are most marketable. Cristina will recommend specific resources, coaches, and assign homework to help you achieve your goals. Please be prepared to write up all of your voice over goals in as much detail as possible prior to your session.

Any unused time will be noted and can be used towards quick check in meetings or audition review.



Cristina Milizia is an award-winning, bilingual voice actor specializing in animation, toy and video game work. Voice Arts Awards Winner in 2022 for “Outstanding Animation Character, Film or TV, Best Voiceover”, she is most well known for her characters: Annie & Amumu on League of Legends, Poison Ivy on Cartoon Network’s DC Super Hero Girls, Jessica Cruz for LEGO DC, Carlitos on Nickelodeon’s The Casagrandes, Barbie’s friend Teresa for all Barbie Mattel animated media, Baby Bottle on The Cuphead Show, and Nemona for Pokémon Masters EX.

Cristina currently works full-time as a voice-over artist and enjoys coaching and mentoring talent through Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA). Additional and ongoing credits include Pixar’s Lightyear, Nickelodeon’s Baby Shark and Rugrats, Pixar’s Onward, Star Trek, Riot Games Arcane, Mattel’s Barbie A Touch of Magic/Dreamhouse Adventures, Nintendo Switch’s Princess Peach Showtime, Butch Hartman’s The Garden Cartoon, Sirius XM Pandora commercials, and Marshalls. She lives and works in Rochester, New York with her husband and four-year-old son.