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Jenna Doherty

I have had an incredible experience working with GVAA! Cristina (my coach) has been focused on my success from day one by helping me set goals and pushing me to improve…Cristina was accessible and flexible with my schedule, gave me enough homework to keep me evolving and improving between sessions, and was always fully prepared with feedback for me when we had our sessions together. I have truly grown since starting my training with GVAA and I’m so proud of my commercial demo. Cristina made sure I was fully prepared, kept in touch with me in the days leading up to the recording so I felt like I had a partner with me in the process. Her guidance during the recording session was amazing and she helped me create a demo that I am incredibly proud of and excited about. I feel like I have a real opportunity at a career in voice over. Thank you Cristina and GVAA for showing your dedication to my success! -Jenna Doherty – Has booked 13 Commercial jobs within 3 months of recording her GVAA produced demo 

Eric Aragoni

“I knew I wanted to do animation, but had no knowledge of what my next steps should be. Then, I got a free consultation with Cristina Milizia and knew instantly she would be able to guide me along my next steps. Six months later, between help from her and her awesome team at GVAA, I was in the studio recording my first rockin’ animation demo! Thank you to Cristina, Brian, Doug and Thessaly for making this happen!” -Eric Aragoni 

Auti Asmrauti

“I’ve been reading articles and watching videos from many well known VO talent, but the workout group was really the first time I’ve felt I was able to participate in an extremely progressive manner. Coaching is SUCH a priceless experience, especially for newcomers to the VO world. Thanks to the GVAA, I am able to connect and personally grow with a group of talented, experienced and inspiring actors. This is truly a welcoming community that I’m so honored to be a part of.” -Auti Asmrauti

Marielle Nuval

“Meeting Cristina and joining GVAA helped me make the jump from taking voice acting classes as a hobby to pursuing it as a full-time career – such an easy decision to make. Working with the coaches at GVAA has given me such great confidence in my future as a voice over actor, I’m excited to see what we’ll accomplish this year!” -Marielle Nuval

Kelly Stevens

I can’t thank the GVAA enough for the outstanding work they did on my new Commercial Demo. Within day’s of receiving the final version I was signed by the top Talent Agency here in Denver!  I really want to thank Anne Ganguzza for working with me over the last several months. She picked scripts that branded my voice perfectly along with coaching me!  Thanks to Cristina Milizia for arranging the studio, and to the both of them for coming along and directing my session.  I have had the BEST experience with all of the GVAA team. If you are looking to up your game, I highly recommend that you check them out!  GVAA ROCKS!  Your “one stop shop” to improving your VO career!
Kelly Stevens October 6th, 2015

Tim Paige

“The GVAA community has been such an incredible help in furthering my professional career. I’m at an odd turning point, and being able to get guidance from real pros, along with sometimes just having an understanding peer to chat with, has absolutely made my life 1,000 times easier. THANKS GVAA!”
Tim Paige October 28th, 2015

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