The Global Voice Acting Academy is an online voiceover school that provides a strong, caring, and supportive virtual learning environment for voice artists worldwide. Nearly every service imaginable, all in one place, to help you achieve your voiceover goals, presented in an open, uplifting, community environment.

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Testimonials for Our Wonderful Coaches

“The Elaine Clark one-sheet hangs in my home booth and I still go through the exercises every time I read.”

Rich Rubin

“I have had an incredible experience working with GVAA! Cristina (my coach) has been focused on my success from day one by helping me set goals and pushing me to improve. The greatest part was the flexibility. I work full-time … Continued

Jenna Doherty

“Steve is one of the most experienced voiceover directors in the business. He is top notch!”

George Del Hoyo (voice of FOX TV)

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