6 Short Commercial Scripts (male/female)


Want to be a winner?
Team up with Sparkle Crest for kids.
Brush with Crest and your cavities will see stars!

Jello Pudding

You gotta try JELLO Stir and Snack Pudding.
You can have JELLO Pudding just one cup at a time
If you can stir, you can snack!


You know the best thing about jeans is that they never go out of style.
Jeans can go anywhere.
What are you waiting for? Gap Jeans…they’re the best!


Time for a haircut? I know just the place. Supercuts…they stand by their name.
Supercuts. They’re real cut-ups!


When you’re in the mood for something a little tangy…a little spicy…try Heinz 57 sauce.
It’s ketchup with a kick.
Heinz 57…Put a little spice in your life!


Know what you’re missing every morning if you’re still drinking plain old orange juice?
Dole breakfast juices.
Try it for breakfast and wake up to something exciting!


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