Capitol Honda
:60 Radio
“This Weekend”

 KID:     You know how those car dealers are always yelling about having a low price, this weekend only? Red tag sale, $5000 of MSRP this weekend only! We must sell 500 vehicles this weekend!  Come on! I’m only ten years old, and even I don’t believe that!

Hi, I’m _________________. And, if you’re in the market for a new Honda – guess what I found out? All Honda dealers buy their cars from the same factory for the same price. So, who should you buy from?

Well, how about buying from the people who give something back – Capitol Honda. Capitol Honda donates money to the public school system every time someone buys a car.  Their goal is to raise $100,000 dollars this year. Even ten year olds know – these schools can use the money. And it’s not like you won’t get a great deal – they are one of the biggest dealers in the country and they got that way by being competitive on price.

So visit Capitol Honda on the Capitol Expressway Automall in San Jose…Look, you can buy your car from anyone. Why not buy it from people who are trying to make a difference?


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