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E-discovery is more expensive than ever. In fact, it can be as much as 70 percent of litigation cost. Yet those costs are hard to predict—and budget for. And while discovery is underway, litigation holds can wreak havoc on your business. Simply put, e-discovery is inefficient, error-prone, and full of risk. Unfortunately, there’s no relief in sight. E-discovery costs are growing at 20 percent per year. Data volumes are exploding and case sizes are increasing. Meanwhile, regulations governing preservation are becoming more stringent.

In spite of this, many organizations continue to manage litigation case by case—discovering, reviewing, and producing the same documents over and over. The same security issues are addressed repeatedly as well. While collaboration with highly confidential documents is necessary, a breach of security can be disastrous.

To regain control, you must manage discovery as a repeatable business process. This approach is called discovery lifecycle management or DLM. DLM improves your ability to manage every aspect of discovery. Here’s how… When discovery is managed on a case-by-case basis, each of your outside law firms creates a separate repository for every case. There’s no connection between these evidence “silos”. No way to leverage similar document collections or retain the results of document reviews. And when the case is settled, the repository—and all the work product—is lost forever.

With discovery lifecycle management, evidence flows from your IT systems into a unified repository that you control, slashing the expense and delay of e-discovery processing. You grant access to outside counsel based on each firm’s scope of responsibility. When a document is reviewed, you retain all the value added by each firm, including designations, annotations and redactions. This saves significant time and cost for future cases.

CaseCentral can help you implement DLM today. Our industry-leading DLM platform empowers corporate counsel to effectively manage even the most complex litigation. CaseCentral enables the reuse of documents and reviews, building an institutional knowledge base that can be applied across cases and regulatory responses. A flexible workflow model lets you to capture best practices and enforce business rules to protect privileged documents and minimize inadvertent production. Best of all, these capabilities are yours on demand.

This means there’s no upfront capital investment or continuing IT maintenance. You can be up and running in a matter of days. Just as important, your IT group is shielded from testifying on chain-of-custody matters. Our enterprise-class data center is built to meet the most exacting IT standards. With virtually unlimited data capacity and 24×7 support, you can scale to accommodate thousands of simultaneous users—all safely outside your firewall. Finally, our innovative, bundled pricing model means your discovery costs are now predictable.

No more nasty end-of-the-month surprises. Take control of the discovery process with CaseCentral. Call us today at 800.714.2727 or email


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