Coach-Led Workout – Jeff Howell (12.10.2022)

Jeff Howell is one of the most sought-after voiceover coaches in the industry! Jeff is a legendary promo coach and demo producer as well as a renowned dubbing voice director and producer working on projects for Netflix, HBO, and many more!! During his extensive career, Jeff has had the honor of casting, representing, or directing […]

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Coach-Led Workout – Steven Reisberg (12.11.2022)

**PAID GVAA MEMBERSHIP MEMBERS ONLY** Genres: Commercial/Character Steven Reisberg has directed and coached countless thousands of voice over sessions. His clients include the very top voice over talent in Hollywood and many A-list celebrities, including the late great “King of Voice overs” Don LaFontaine. Steve directs from strong acting technique mixed with knowledge of what […]

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Coach-Led Workout: Carol Monda (12.12.2022)

**PAID GVAA MEMBERSHIP MEMBERS ONLY** Genres: Commercial/Narration/Audiobook Carol is a veteran actor of stage, TV and film, as well as an accomplished voiceover artist. Her many clients include Turner Classic Movies, McDonald’s, Discovery ID, The Guggenheim, NY Historical Society, HSBC, Red Cross, KLX, Tena, CitiCorp, and the AFL-CIO. Carol is also a 2-time Audie Award–winning […]

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Coach-Led Workout: David Toback (12.13.2022)

**PAID GVAA MEMBERSHIP MEMBERS ONLY** Genres: All Genres Workouts cover scripts from a variety of genres including tips and tricks for breaking down scripts and improving performance. These workouts are a great way to improve your reads in a safe and encouraging environment! All workouts will be recorded and accessible to all members at any […]

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Live Q&A with David Rosenthal (12.13.2022)

**PAID GVAA MEMBERSHIP MEMBERS ONLY** This is a monthly webinar designed specifically to address your VO career questions! -Demos -Talent agencies -Rosters and casting -Rate and negotiation questions -Genre specific related questions -Skill set development and practice methods -In-studio performance methods and etiquette -Career development, strategy and next steps -Receive feedback on demos and auditions!

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