Making the Most of Audacity’s Newest Features in Version 3.2 with Jonah Rosenthal

Description If Audacity is the DAW you use, then you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with all the big upgrades to the software that have been implemented in version 3.2. This webinar is geared toward voice actors who already have a solid understanding of the basic principles behind editing, so if you’re just getting started, […]


New Trends in TV Narration with Thom Pinto

Description Cable networks and streaming services aren't just looking for dulcet-toned VOs for documentaries and reality series. Each network or platform creates programming to fit its brand, and in turn, looks for narrators who match that brand. Thom Pinto will break down the trends for narrators, as well as the critical skills needed to achieve […]

Finding Video Game Work with Ian Russell

Description We love video game VO, but actually finding work can be tougher than any boss battle! To raise the difficulty setting even higher, most smaller developers are unfamiliar with the process of casting for their game, or how to budget for voice actor casting. Industry veteran Ian Russell will show you that it takes […]


Mind Your Own Business – CRMs, Accounting Platforms, & How To Run Your VO Business with Dani States

Description Mind Your (VO) Business! What’s the best system or tool for managing your voiceover business? The one you’ll actually use! In this webinar Dani States, founder of VOICEOVERVIEW, shares insights and answers common questions and misconceptions about: Client Relationship Management (CRM) platforms - what’s out there, how do they work, and do you really […]


Mastering Instagram as a Voice Artist with Jonathan Tilley

Description The reason why you’re consuming Instagram content more than creating it for your VO business could be due to Instagram overwhelm: “I don’t know what to post!”, “I hate showing my face on camera!”, or “How the heck do I create a Reel?!” So let’s set your Instagram Intention so that it aligns with […]