Godfather 2 “Crew”

Crew Audition Script
If you’re looking for the best, I’m your man.. What do you want to know about me? I’m an expert at demolitions. TNT, dynamite, time bombs – you name it. I’m handy with mechanical things. Fuse boxes, wire cutters – you get the picture. I’m good with two things – my left fist, and my right fist.. You’ll want ME in a fight, guaranteed. Taunts I feel sorry for you NOW my friend… You don’t wanna get hurt, understand? Let’s smash the place! Think THIS hurts? I’m just getting started. This ain’t gonna be pretty…
Fighting: How you like THIS? You messed with the wrong guy! Don’t let him escape! Lookin’ for a fight? Fuck, I heard THAT one break!
Shot – injured: They shot me! I’m hit. My shoulder. I can’t take it! I need a doctor!
About to be Executed: What’re you doing?! Don’t kill me, please! You wouldn’t dare…
Intimidating a Witness: Just keep on walkin’ What you looking at, huh? This don’t concern you, understand?
Female Ped Audition Script Chatter
Refuse Extortion – Confident: I don’t need your protection, you piece of shit! You don’t scare me, asshole. I ain’t scared of you. You heard me – I’m not interested! Accept Extortion – Normal: I’m sure your friendship will be worth every penny. OK – I’ll pay. No problem. OK. OK. I’ll pay!
Accept Extortion – scared: Alto! I get it! I’ll pay! I’ll cooperate, just leave me alone! God, I can’t take this! You win. Please – don’t hurt me.
Starting a Fight: Touch me again, I dare ya. Oh, I now just where to hurt you I know how to fight too. I’ve had enough of you thugs!
Shot by a Gun: He shot me. Oh god, I’m bleeding I’m dying…
Scared, Intimidated: I promise I won’t say anything! Ok, I’ll keep my mouth shut.. You win, I got enough problems.


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