Godfather 2 Game (Male)

Cop 3/Cuban Soldier (will need to speak Spanish words)

Taking a Bribe:
The police, y una poca proteccion, can go a long way…
I could help you run this neighorhood.
This street could be yours – para la cantidad suficiente…
Behind a badge, hay mucha fuerza…
OK, give me the money. Just don’t cross me, comprende?

Largate! Unless you got something to say…
I don’t deal with matones, unless the price is right…
Don’t step out of line – no me gustas!
I ain’t getting paid to be your friend – salga!

Carajo! (teeth clenched, in pain)
No dejen que se escape!
Te cogi!
You are in serious trouble.
If you want trouble, you found it, cabron!.


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