Godfather 2 “Ped” (male)

Male Ped Audition Script
Conversational: Me, I don’t back down from a fight That guy you hand around with is a real loser.
Walking Down the Street: Pardon me. Excuse me. I am so sorry Good to see you sir. There’s no such thing as an honest politician.
Agrees to Extortion, Under Pressure: Don’t worry; I’ll keep the money coming. I’ll do whatever you say. Just le me go, ok?
Being Extorted, Defiant: Tell the Don he can fuck off. I ain’t gonna deal with the likes of you. March your ass right outta here punk. You messed with the wrong guy! You’re askin’ for it!
Punched or Shot, in Pain: Don’t, please don’t Please don’t kill me. I’ve been shot Don’t hurt me no more..


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