Helzberg Diamonds (Boy & Male)

ANNCR: “Moments that sparkle,” brought to you by Helzberg Diamonds.

FATHER: Come on, buddy. Hold my hand. We’re going shopping for
Mommy’s present.

SFX: (lock car – key fob)

SON: Let’s get Mommy a robot

FATHER: I’m not sure Mommy wants a robot, buddy.

SON: What about a dinosaur?

FATHER: Well, that’s a good idea. But this year, we’re going to get
mommy something she’ll love.

SON: Mommy doesn’t love dinosaurs?

FATHER: Not as much as us guys.

SON: What does Mommy like?

FATHER: Well, she likes diamonds and sparkly things like that.

SON: Mommy’s my favorite.

FATHER: She’s my favorite, too, buddy.

ANNCR: Hurry into Helzberg Diamonds this weekend for special
reduced pricing on a gift she really wants – our full-carat diamond tennis bracelet – Just $300 dollars. All wrapped up in the undeniable magic of the burgundy box. Only at Helzberg Diamonds. Moments that sparkle.


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