“Please,” said Mrs. Primm, when she was connected with the zoo, “my crocodile isn’t feeling well today. Could you kindly recommend a good crocodile doctor?
“Where is the crocodile?” a man asked.
“He’s right beside me, here in the living room.” said Mrs. Primm. “Living room?” “Yes … liv … ing roooom. Please,” continued Mrs. Primm, “he must have a doctor.”
“Well …” The man hesitated.
“Yes, do go on,” pressed Mrs. Primm.
“Well, there is a Dr. Lewis James on East 25th Street who is very good with crocodiles.”
“Oh thank you. Thank you so very much,” said Mrs. Primm gratefully. The instant Mrs. Primm put down the receiver, she realized she had forgotten to ask for the doctor’s phone number.


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