Malibu Playboy For Him


This commercial begins on a warm evening in LA. We see a good looking young guy in a vintage Ferrari. He is at a set of traffic lights in Malibu. As he pulls away from the lights he stalls and the woman in the car behind accidentally drives into him. She is absolutely gorgeous. They get out of their cars in order to exchange insurance details and as they do so their eyes meet. She gives him a playful smile. It is immediately obvious that they fancy each other.

A voice says: Fate is a powerful thing.

Next we see them that same evening in a cool bar. They are tucked into a booth. He is telling a story and she is listening intently. There is obviously chemistry between them.

A voice says: It drags you along with it.

We see them later on. They are in his car speeding along the beach front. The moonlight shines off the sea in the background and the wind is blowing through her hair: she looks hot. They pull up at a cool, modern mansion on the beach. There is a huge party going on and it feels like something from the show Entourage. It even has Bunny Girls as cocktail waitresses. We see the couple having a great time partying with Hollywood’s A list. She is laughing and flirting, and eventually she takes his hand and leads him away to the luxury beach house at the bottom of the garden.

As soon as they get in the door she kisses him and they start to undress. They fall onto the massive bed and begin to make love.

A voice says: When it gets you in its grip there is nothing you can do about it.

We now move to the next day. We see the same guy stalling at the same set of lights in the same vintage Ferrari. A different beautiful woman accidentally crashes into him. She begins to get out of her vehicle and we see that the story is beginning again. We realise that he has used this trick a lot of times.

A voice says: But I don’t believe in fate.

The picture dissolves into minute particles like vapour. The particles are sucked into a Playboy Fragrance bottle which we now see against a black background. It is like watching a bottle spray in reverse.

A voice says: Malibu Playboy. The New Fragrance for Men. Press to play.

At the same time, the words appear on screen.


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